Four Healing Energies by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Four Healing Energies by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

This essay is from the wayback machine, since obviously closed with Pir Vilayat’s passing.

(From the Booklet Healing)

The Sufis recognize four different forces that are combined in healing. One is called Muid. It’s a kind of resilience. If we’re walking in the forest and move a branch of a tree, it will go back to its initial state unless we’ve damaged it. The rain forests will grow again. Many species will die, but there will be other species. There is that basic resilience, an ability of nature to self-organize itself, of the body to self-organize itself. 

The electromagnetic field is the template in which the body is configured � the cells of the body. Actually the aura of light is a template in which the electromagnetic field is configured. We can even reach a level of reality beyond light. The light we normally experience is only a sliver of the reality of light. It�s only one dimension of light. There are many dimensions of light. Eventually we will learn to heal with light. 

Our immune system represents the resilience of our physical body. If it is impaired, it is somehow linked with our self-image. Cancer is a very clear case where the immune system has collapsed, or isn�t effective enough because of a bad transcription from the DNA to the RNA by the enzymes that operate these transcriptions. It�s like making a mistake on the typewriter or computer: bad transcription. Somehow it�s linked, somehow it�s not functioning properly because our whole sense of who we are has somehow been impaired by the grossness of our civilization. It�s damaging to our soul. 

I remember Dr. David Bohm saying one day, “Be not surprised at a change of a sense of meaningfulness.” All of a sudden we see something we hadn�t seen before. All of a sudden the penny drops, and that immediately alters the circuits in our brain. Actually it alters our whole body. Now we�re very clear about the mind/body axis, but that�s not the only element. 

The second power, Muhyi, is the power that emerges from within recurrently, because the Universe is continually reborn, and we are continually reborn. That means we have to do away with the tarnished, jagged ends of ourselves in order to invite the new. If we keep on identifying with what we always have been, then there is no hope for us. Then we have to give up. That is Fana

Once Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan was asked for healing by a very sick mureed. My father came into the room and said, “You asked me to come and heal you. Are you prepared to do what I ask you to do?” The mureed said, “Yes.” Pir-o-Murshid said, “Get up and we�ll have a walk. I�ll come back in ten minutes and we�ll have a walk.” “Oh but Pir-o-Murshid, I can�t walk.” ” Do what I say!” Sure enough, he was cured. Self-image � mind over body. 

In the case of cancer, there is difficulty in digesting the social environmental circumstances, difficulty in digesting them, bad replication, and resistance to dealing with things because they are just too difficult. 

Stress gives us strength. Overstress is not good but we can push ourselves up to a point. With the power gained by doing that we can push ourselves a little bit further. I�m evidence of that because I�m 81 now. I�ve pushed myself all my life. Don�t overdo it, but up to a certain point, push.

The third force is called Hayy, which is the kind of force that you find everywhere. Like  in a big store, there is a lot of energy flying about. That�s Hayy.  It�s everywhere; it�s the force that moves the stars, and planets, and galaxies. It�s a very tangible force, but we can only take so much. That�s why we get so depleted if we stay too long in a store. Just go in quickly and run away. Collect all that energy and we get indigestion. That�s Hayy, it works centrifugally and centripedally. 

A prince was condemned by his father for unfounded reasons. He was supposed to be killed, but the policeman couldn�t do it. He let the prince go. Finally the prince became a sanyassin, and sat in the garden of the palace. From the moment he sat in the garden, everything started to flourish. The sense that wherever you go things flourish is Hayy. It�s the kind of energy we give to people, or to flowers. Watch them flower. Imagine a bud, and the bud opens up and starts unfurling. That is the power that makes the potential of people unfurl in their personality. It�s a wonderful power.

The fourth is Quddus, a power that descends like lightening. We have the impression it descends through the top of our head and shatters us totally. It is called the quickening of the Holy Spirit: Quddus �  Kadosh in the Hebrew language � Sanctus, a feeling of holiness, other worldliness. This is the challenge: how are we able to maintain that sense of sacredness without becoming an ascetic, right in the middle of the world? How can we do that? That’s the challenge of our time.


~ by James Myoe on December 21, 2007.

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